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We’re here to help. Receiving a diagnosis of cancer can be frightening and confusing. But once you understand that there are treatment options available to effectively eliminate cancer without surgery, things can start to look a lot brighter. Image Guided Radiation Therapy offers patients a safe and reliable way to treat cancer and get results. The IGRT oncology team led by Dr. Arun Puranik, are considered among the country’s top radiation therapy experts and are here to help you or a loved one turn cancer into a thing of the past. We can even arrange transportation and flexible appointment times so you’ll have every opportunity to get well.

Before Treatment

Each patient’s case presents unique challenges and requires individualized attention. Learn if radiation therapy is right for you.
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During Treatment

Depending on your condition, you may receive external beam radiation therapy, brachytherapy, or a combination of both. They are each administered differently, so the experience could vary for each individual.
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After Treatment

Following the completion of your treatment plan, the IGRT team will continue to evaluate, monitor and support you.
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Managing Side Effects

Patients often experience little or no side effects from radiation therapy and are able to continue their normal routines. However, some patients do feel some discomfort from the treatment.
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Personal Care

From the right diet to plenty of rest, there are many ways that caring for yourself can improve your treatment experience.
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Questions to Ask Your Doctor

The more you know about your condition and treatment options, the better decisions you’ll make. Talk to your doctor.
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Helpful Links

There are many resources and organizations that can help patients and their families better understand a cancer diagnosis and cope in a positive way.
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“Dr. Puranik treats his patients like he’s your friend.”
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“…I sought out a few treatment options and liked Dr. Puranik’s plan the best.”
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