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IGRT is the most experienced state-of-the-art Image Guided Radiation Treatment Center in upstate New York. We specialize in applying leading edge technologies and nationally-recognized expertise to the treatment of cancer, administering targeted radiation therapies capable of delivering ultraprecise doses to previously unreachable tumors. This increased precision allows higher levels of radiation to be safely administered, ultimately leading to higher cure rates.

About IGRT

Image Guided Radiation Therapy

With IGRT technology, doctors can not only increase precision, they can deliver higher doses of radiation to smaller areas and more effectively treat tumors or cancer cells.
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RapidArc radiotherapy technology is a major advance from Varian Medical Systems that improves dose conformity while significantly shortening treatment times.
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External Beam Radiation Therapy

During external beam radiation therapy, a beam of radiation is directed through the skin to a tumor and the immediate surrounding area in order to destroy the main tumor and any nearby cancer cells.
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Brachytherapy is a form of internal radiation treatment in which small radiation sources (commonly called seeds), about the size of a grain of rice, are permanently implanted into the prostate.
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