At Image Guided Radiation Therapy, patients and their families benefit from the expert guidance of Dr. Arun Puranik and his supportive staff. Dr. Puranik offers some of the most state-of-the-art cancer services in New York. He walks you through your cancer diagnosis and treatment every step of the way.

GRT allows Dr. Puranik to view images of a tumor at the time of delivery of radiation therapy. Using specialized computer software, he can compare these real-time images to those taken during the planning stages of treatment. If your tumor has shifted – sometimes a result of body movement – adjustments are made for more precise targeting of radiation beams.

This pinpoint accuracy is unparalleled. It allows for the delivery of higher doses of radiation while also reducing radiation to surrounding healthy tissue and helping us better control your cancer.

IGRT is commonly used to treat cancers in the body that are prone to movement, such as the lungs and the prostate gland, as well as tumors near critical organs and tissues. Dr. Puranik was the first in the country to use Varian Medical’s On-Board Imager to perform daily CT guidance of the target area in a clinical site. His advanced skill and compassion put patients’ minds at ease during their customized treatment.

Dr. Puranik and his team prescribe the appropriate treatment volume and dosage, calculate the optimal amount of time for treatment sessions and help you feel comfortable throughout the process.

Cancer Treatments

Using Image Guided Radiation Therapy, or IGRT, we treat many different types of cancer

Radiation therapy can be used to safely and effectively treat these types of cancers. If you have questions about a specific treatment, please contact our office for more information. We offer consultations to discuss your condition and treatment options that may work for you. Know that you are not alone in the process. We’re here to help you fight cancer.

Dr. Puranik treats his patients like he’s your friend.
…I sought out a few treatment options and liked Dr. Puranik’s plan the best.
Every cancer patient deserves the best chance for a cure.
Dr. Arun Puranik