The Edge at Wellness Way

Image Guided Radiation Therapy will move to Wellness Way in April 2024 – and they will have an Edge.


Image Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT) is set to elevate the standard of cancer treatment once again in our region with the purchase of Varian Medical System’s “Edge” Linear Accelerator. The Edge is found at some of the top cancer treatment centers across the country, and now it will be right here in the Capital Region. This will be the first Edge in Upstate NY, and it is configured to treat every cancer and every patient whose care plan includes radiation therapy – from the most common cancers to the most advanced treatments. With the addition of this new equipment, patients in the region can be confident that they have access to the latest cutting-edge cancer treatment, rivaling what is offered in larger markets.

Stereotactic radiosurgery, which The Edge provides, enhances radiation therapy options and makes them available to more patients. It delivers accurate and aggressive cancer treatments to tumors of the lung, brain, spine, and other areas of the body – pinpointing tumors with the highest dose rate available for faster treatment times. The high doses are possible because the Edge is coupled with real-time, high-quality imaging to target the tumor location and protect the surrounding healthy tissues. During treatment, advanced cameras monitor thousands of points on the skin to track a patient’s natural movements, like breathing. If the patient’s treatment area moves outside an acceptable tolerance, by even one millimeter, the radiation treatment is paused until the patient is back in an optimal position. “This motion monitoring is particularly beneficial for left breast cancer treatment. Because the beam stops with motion outside tolerance, it protects against radiation exposure to the nearby heart,” says Arun Puranik, MD.

Originally used for tumors in the brain, radiosurgery is now used to effectively treat cancer in many different organs. When used in different parts of the body, it is referred to as Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT). Stereotactic refers to the use of three-dimensional images to precisely target tumors.

  • High performance machine – High dose rates up to 2400 MU/min (current technology limited to 600 MU/min) = faster treatment times which means less time for movement during treatment.
  • The finest beam shaping adjusted with high definition 120 multi-leaf collimator and sculpting capabilities (2.5 mm leaves vs. current 5 mm leaves).
  • Radiosurgery/SBRT are now used to kill tumors in the brain, spinal cord, lung, liver, head & neck, and other areas.
  • The radiation beams are targeted to the cancer with accuracy within one millimeter. This helps to protect healthy tissue around the tumor.
  • Radiosurgery/SBRT can deliver higher doses of radiation with fewer treatments than traditional radiation therapy.
  • Many tumors can often be totally eradicated with just one treatment.

As these innovative technologies become an integral part of CCP’s patient care, it is clear that the future of healthcare is brighter than ever. Our patients can look forward to a seamless blend of cutting-edge technology and compassionate care, ushering in a new era of healthcare at CCP’s Wellness Way headquarters.

April 1, 2024, Image Guided Radiation Therapy will move from the Capital Region Health Park (713 Troy-Schenectady Road) to Wellness Way, the new cutting edge medical facility for CCP and CDPHP located at 6 Wellness Way, Latham. IGRT will be located on the ground floor, Suite G12, use South Entrance starting April 1.